I came across this article by Luke Hancock and thought it was very short and to the point.
...kinda like myself actually.

so.. enjoy!!!

Travels- if you have the disc in your hand, you are not aloud to take any steps except for your pivot foot. You cannot lift your foot due to your throws follow-through aswell or drag your foot in any way.

Scoring- If you catch the disc in your respective endzone, you are rewarded one point. If you catch the disc out of the endzone, but your momentum carries you into the endzone, you must take the disc back out of the endzone and begin play. Most games are played to 15, but it may vary. It is NOT a timed game. Halftime occurs when one team passes the halfway mark. (8 would be halftime if you were playing to 15)

Non-Contact- You may not touch a player on the other team in any way to mess them up. Of course, it is a sport and contact will occur, but don't be afraid to call it. You also may not do a pick. A pick is where an offensive player causes a defensive player to run into another player in attempts to get away.

Change of possession- A change in possession occurs anytime the offensive team; 1. drops the disc 2. throws the disc out of bounds 3. the defense intercepts a pass.

No Referees- The basic concept behind ultimate is that their are no referees involved. This means that you are to call your own fouls and settle your own disputes. The reason for this, is because if their were refs, people would begin trying to get away with fouls and it would ruin the spirit of the game

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